Who We Are


Who We Are

Our History:

The Vision of Faith Fellowship International was birthed in prayer nearly twenty years ago. After having life-changing experiences with God, leading ultimately to making Jesus their Lord and Savior, Dwayne began attending Agape Church in Little Rock, Arkansas. After just a few short months of being fed the uncompromising Word of God, that Word of Faith seeded into his heart,  began to take root, and he bore witness to the calling. He submitted fully to the leading and guidance of his pastor, becoming heavily involved in various ministries of helps, from ushering, life groups, prison & jail outreaches, camp meetings, and men's ministries. Most weeks he found himself at church or church-related activities six to seven days a week. 

He began to hunger for yet an even deeper level of intimacy with the Lord, and further revelation of the ministry they unquestionably felt stirring on the inside of them. This led to enrolling in Agape School of World Evangelism, a Bible College that was designed to equip both ministers and missionaries to reproduce the Word of Faith in their cities, states, nations and world. During Bible school, students would gather before classes began each morning in intercessory prayer. This is where the Lord began to reveal to Dwayne His plan to "Demonstrate the Person of Jesus", beginning in the city of Conway, Arkansas, in a "fellowship of Faith." The Lord was very specific, telling them they would know when that season was coming upon them.

He continued the season at Agape Church, leaving his partnership to work for the church full-time in late 1999. They had an extensive education in the administration of a Spirit-led ministry centered on the Word of God. Dwayne highly esteem this foundational season in their walk with the Lord, knowing this priceless time in His life greatly shaped the leader he is today.  

In the Spring of 2002, Dwayne knew the Lord was indicating the time was upon them to begin the transition to Conway, Arkansas, to give birth to the ministry the Lord had shown them years before. God's hand was upon him as he stepped out in faith, and He immediately connected him with the right people, businesses and leaders in this new community. They secured a home, and then a 7,500-square-foot building to begin the ministry of Faith Fellowship International in just a matter of days. Every time a new need presented itself, over the next few weeks, whether it was chairs for the congregation, the pulpit, sound equipment, or children's church furnishings... God provided those needs each and every time. 

After pastoring the growing congregation of FFI in Conway for several years, God revealed that pastoring was just one facet of the ministry He had called Dwayne to raise up. He reminded him that he had become the leader now because they were rooted and grounded in a Word of God-based ministry, a "line upon line, precept upon precept" ministry of faith and confession, years ago, which included an in-depth, intensive Bible school. Faith Fellowship Bible Institute, now known as Mandate Bible Training Center, was then begun in 2004, and went on to see hundreds of graduates, as well as campuses in two other Arkansas cities. 

In 2014, Dwayne began to sense a significant change coming upon. He recognized pastoring was just the first phase of the ministry God had called them to establish, and instructed him to begin traveling with the message of the Gospel. This revelation requires consistent, line upon line, precept upon precept teaching and preaching, as well as meditation, confession and faith in the Word (Joshua 1:8, Romans 10:6-14). The Lord revealed a great void in this particular area of the Church body to Dwayne and birthed the vision of Mandate Bible Training Center in their hearts. 

The earmark of Faith Fellowship International’s ministry has always been, and will always continue to be the anointing and presence of God tangibly manifested in each & every gathering, be it a Bible study or class, a full church service, or any of its various outreaches. While many new and innovative styles of ministering the Gospel have surfaced in the last decade or two, Dwayne has always firmly maintained that there is simply no replacement for the anointing of God, and teaching and preaching His revealed Word, in any form of ministry. 

Introduction to the Ministry:

If you are new to our family or simply have not yet attended a Membership Class, you are invited to attend our introductory class called Introduction to FFI. Click the link below and signup for the next class, and don’t hesitate to reach out for more information.

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