FFI Mandate BTC


FFI Mandate BTC

To Christian Pastors, Christian Believers and Christian Marketplace Leaders:

The success of any great church organization can be measured by the strength and number of its leaders.  For any church to be able to successfully minister to its members and to reach out into the community to minister to the lost it takes dedicated volunteers, leaders, and staff.  And the most effective members are those that have a strong foundation in Christ and the Word of God.

Our God-given mandate is equipping you and the members of your organization to become the leaders this world needs to take your ministry or business to a higher level.  Our one-year intensive Bible School is designed for those desiring to serve in their own churches, businesses and organization as exceptional employees, ministry volunteers, support staff, and even those called to ultimately become licensed & ordained ministers.  Our curriculum instills foundational biblical principles, equipping students with faith, knowledge and revelation of their precious God-given gifts, and the tools to fulfill their God-given destiny in Christ Jesus.

Please share this website as needed to distribute to your employees, volunteers and potential church leaders.  Help us to help you and your members achieve greater success and grow in the Lord by attending the Mandate Bible Training Center.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to arrange a time to meet with prospective students at your church. 

In all things be blessed,

Rev. Dwayne Wilson