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Hope is the Blueprint for Faith

Posted by Rev. Patricia Hepner on

"Faith is the substance of things hoped for..." (Hebrews 11:1). Has our faith lost its aim?  We can have all the faith we need, yet let it scatter in every direction--without results. How can this happen? By losing our hope. As born again believers sometimes we don't think much about hope, we don't pay much attention to hope. We don't think it's as important as faith. But the truth is, our faith won't function without hope. Why? Hope is the blueprint of faith. When our hope is lost, faith loses its aim. It no longer has a mission to accomplish. It just scatters. Let hope come alive on the inside of us. How? By expectancy. Instead of fearing what would happen if our prayers were not answered, start being expectant, start believing and STOP whining! Hope is a divine inner image that is born inside our spirit from God's precious promises. Faith is the heavenly substance that will bring that Word-born picture to pass. Without hope faith has nowhere to go. Today, are we facing serious circumstances? Is our faith and confession splattering in every direction? STOP! Get our Bibles, get alone with God and let that hope that's inside of us come alive. Let the Spirit of God rise up on the inside and relight that fire. Why? It will STOP depression in its tracks, and get our faith on target again.  Remember, "Faith is the substance of things that we hoped for and EXPECTED!" Faith or desperation, the choice is ours.